Jetting TrailerUS Jetting Trailer Unit and Video
US Jetting trailer unit for “Limited Access” applications can be utilized for all 4” lines, clean outs and catch basins, and delivers 18 gallons per minute @ 4,000 PSI. The unit is easily maneuvered to most locations.

Mini Jetter

Mini-Jetting Unit & Video
Spartan 717 Mini Jet unit for “Very Limited Access” applications can be utilized for clean outs and all lines 1 ½”- 4”, and delivers 2.2 gallons per minute @ 1,500 PSI. The unit is easily maneuvered to almost any location.

Vacuum-Truck Unit & Video
The Vac-Con Combination Machine is equipped with both vacuum and high-pressure water jetting systems. The combination unit, capable of jetting 60 gallons per minute @ 3,000 PSI, is powered by a 130 hp turbo-charged and after cooled Cummins engine. The vacuum system consists of a 3 stage centrifugal compressor rated at 8,000 cubic feet per minute, and is driven hydrostatically by the chassis engine, which is capable of lifting a 200” column of water.
The unit is equipped with a front mounted rotating hose reel containing 600 feet of 1” hose and a 6 feet telescopic hydraulic boom. The telescopic boom provides 270 degrees of rotation around the truck, creating outstanding maneuverability and allowing us to clean multiple inlets without relocating the truck. Additional equipment includes a side mounted reel with 500 feet of ½” hose (for cleaning 6” diameter and smaller lines) and delivers 25 gallons per minute @3000 PSI. Our technicians are CWEA certified for collection systems maintenance and have completed extensive training for confined space entry, including confined space rescue procedures.

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