Refurbishment of Plumbing Systems for entire facilities including:
o  Replacement of existing galvanized steel water piping with new copper piping.
o  Replacement, Repair or Maintenance of existing water heaters and boilers, if necessary.
o  Replacement of existing plumbing fixtures with new fixtures, if requested or required.
o  Replacement or repair of existing sanitary sewer and storm drain systems.
o  Construction Management of other trades to provide seamless turnkey construction packages.

Maintenance and Emergency Repair of existing Plumbing System problems including:
o  Location and repair of Plumbing Systems leaks concealed in a building, underground, and in concrete slabs.
o  Video and Hydro-Jetting services for Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain Systems.
o  AO Smith Hot Water Heater Factory Certified Warranty Representative.
o  Excavation services for repair or replacement of Sanitary and Storm Drain systems.

Installation of Plumbing Systems for new facilities including:
o  Hot and Cold Water supply and return systems.
o  Water Heaters and Boilers.
o  Natural Gas piping and accessories.
o  Sanitary Sewer and Storm Drain piping.

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