“When we have a plumbing problem at one of our properties, it is usually an emergency. Consolidated Plumbing continually impresses me with their quick response, and they usually have everything they need on their trucks, which minimizes the downtime for us. I know I can count on them when I need help.”
– Bill Hubbard, Community Management Services

“I have always found them, their staff and company to be professional, quick to respond, and very fair and reasonable when charging for their services. Their prowess in diagnosing plumbing difficulties is unparalleled by any contractor in Silicon Valley.”
– Ronald E. Cali, President, Cali Financial Management Co.

“For thorough, professional, and reliable work, no one tops Consolidated Plumbing! Whether the job is replacing a sewer line or fixing a leak, everything is done to code with no cost overruns. The owners and employees are professional and knowledgeable. They always provide a detailed description of what needs to be done as well as updates of work in progress. They are courteous and patient with our senior residents & everyone else.”
– Patricia L. Martinez, Valley Village Retirement Community

“Of utmost importance to me personally is the level of integrity that I have seen from you and your entire firm as we’ve worked through these projects. While there are probably other firms out there that can perform similar quality work at similar costs, it is very rare in my experience to find a contracting firm that one can truly consider to be a partner in projects of this magnitude.”
– Bill Brooks, Senior Asset Manager, Sequoia Equities

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